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When my ethical breeder friends have puppies, or adults looking for homes, I try to help and put Papillon lovers in touch with each other. Please note that almost always there will be a spay/neuter contract involved.

Although there are no puppies or adults available at this time (May, 2019), there are puppies coming up that will be looking for homes. Some have already inquired about them, and some are good about staying in touch, but until I make my choices for who is a show prospect and who will be looking for a home to be spoiled in, I won't be posting them here. 
A testimonial from me about pet food nutrition

Recently we had quite a frustrating time with one of our dogs. The scratching, chewing, and frustration for our poor girl, Molly, was so intense that we needed to get her to a vet. After some tests, it turns out she was passing a huge amount of crystals in her urine! To quote my nice vet, "it's like she's peeing sand".  The poor thing! Food was inquired about, but we never gave it a thought because we had been feeding it for a few years. After speaking with another breeder about the subject, it was discovered that they had similar issues with food, and changed, getting rid of the problem. We had just bought 3 new bags of food that day, and the next morning my husband took them all back. We started on LA from Key4PetHealth as soon as we could get our hands on it, and I'm extremely happy to say that Molly was practically back to normal in less than a month!  Not only are we feeding less and the dogs are maintaining their weight, but the amount of cleanup when doing "Poop Patrol" is significantly reduced!  Coats on my bitches after whelping don't seem to go down as far as they used to, either.  I hope that you will try this for yourself, knowing that you are giving your pet some of the best nutrition possible. Feel free to ask me for a sample if you like. And for some...there are comparisons to well known foods on the market now to help you with your decision.
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